citizen (of the Internet)

I am a full stack developer, primarily focused on the web domain. I enjoy functional programming and the iterative application of Occam's Razor.


  • food
  • shelter
  • education
  • medicine
  • communication
  • security
  • privacy
  • decentralization


  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • Bash
  • Kotlin
  • Elixir


  • Jest
  • React
  • SASS
  • Docker
  • SaltStack
  • Linux


Estee Lauder

My time at Estee Lauder as a contractor was heavily influenced by their internal initiative to reduce the friction of onboarding. I assisted in that cause and developed my performance engineering chops with both technical proof-of-concepts and internal documentation.

  • Fully automated local development with Vagrant including a feature rich Bash environment equipped for most common workflow tasks
  • Implemented Prefetching on core brand websites, which increased perceived performance by 3% across all brands


As a small business in Queens, NYC GetVoIP was looking for an engineer to assist them with their monolithic, SEO based, voice over IP marketing product.

  • Added features to and maintained a custom fullstack CoffeeScript platform including server-side rendering, componentization and a FeathersJS API.
  • Utilized and contributed to a Docker development and production deployment pipeline including Linux server provisioning and maintenance.


Spruce was a unique excercise in integrating their existing Kotlin back end logic into a compiled-to-JS Kotlin front end.

  • Developed an open-source front-end library for creating web applications that compile to JavaScript from Kotlin enabling a fullstack Kotlin development experience.
  • Utilized said library to build out internal company financial tooling and migrate a legacy Rails application to single-page JavaScript applications compiled from Kotlin.
  • Utilized Docker and Google Cloud Platform to deploy Kotlin microservice APIs and static web assets.


I moved from Colorado to NYC to join the forces at Amazon Marketing in their efforts to provide an intuitive platform for rapid landing page development

  • Added features to and maintained an internal version of SquareSpace plainly referred to as “Landing Page Builder”, that powers every page on Amazon.com
  • Researched, designed and implemented a product that allows users to schedule a vehicle test drive from Amazon.com which utilized AWS Lambda, AWS DynamoDB, AWS API Gateway, and AWS CloudFormation to seamlessly deploy a small data collection endpoint and web application. Users could utilize the scheduling web app to select their preferred details while the sales team could download CVS reports of the database and execute on orders.
  • Endured a rigorous information security review of said Test Drive product to ensure the user data was securely stored (encrypted and anonymous) and that the web form was not exploitable.
  • Utilized internal tooling to maintain infrastructure for both the Landing Page builder and Test drive products including deployment pipelines, testing and cloud computers (AWS and Internal hardware)


At VictorOps I became apart of a small development team (one of two front end engineers) to iterate on their websocket backed On-Call Dashboard

  • Assisted in migrating a legacy BackboneJS application to a React/Redux architecture.
  • Utilized React/Redux to natively integrate the StatusPage.io service into the VictorOps web dashboard, including cross-company development collaboration with the StatusPage.io engineering team.
  • Utilized React/Redux to implement a team rolodex feature into the VictorOps web dashboard.
  • On-call incident triaging for the VictorOps platform (using the VictorOps platform) including database maintenance, deployment operations and linux system troubleshooting on the VictorOps hand-built custom cloud hardware provisioned with Puppet.